Cagey Consultant keeping in mind the goals and requirements of an organization, using mathematical approach, would be able to make right choice for the project, considering assessment of environmental factors, zoning laws, policies, rules and regulations where the project is located. Our services includes but not limited to:
•    Discounted cash flow techniques
•    Profitability and Risks
•    Assessment of Project Environmental Factors 


Project Management Plan is one of the primary documents used to manage the project and is to delineate the strategy and tactics as well as course of action or path to successfully complete the project. Updates to the Project Management Plan provide greater precision with respect to schedule, costs, and resource requirements to meet the defined project scope.   Our services includes but not limited to:

•    Development of Project Management Plan
•    Updates to the Project Management Plan


The key to project success is to apply knowledge, experience, and intuition to a Project Management Plan, and then commit to execute according to the plan. Scheduling is one of the basic requirements of project management planning and strategic analysis. Cagey Consultant can create a defined and refined project schedule.  Our services includes but not limited to:

•    Schedule Model Management
•    Schedule Model Creation
•    Schedule Model Maintenance 
•    Schedule Model Analysis 
•    Project Schedule and Reports 


We are available to track, review, and orchestrate the progress and performance of the project. Project performance is measured and analyzed at regular levels, appropriate events, or exception conditions to identify variances from the Project Management Plan.  Forecasts are generated, updated, and reissued to determine if the project is still within defined tolerance ranges and identify any necessary change. Our services includes but not limited to:
•    Work Performance Reports
•    Schedule Forecast
•    Cost Forecast
•    Analysis 


Training includes all activities designed to enhance the competencies of the project team members. Improvement in skills, competencies, increased team cohesiveness and improves the overall project performance.   Our services includes but not limited to

•    Team Management 
•    Conflict Management 
•    Oracle’s Primavera P6 (EPPM)
•    Microsoft Project 


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